Selling Winter Headbands

Hi friends! Due to popular demand I am starting to sell the winter head warmers I crochet. As much as I would love to join the Etsy world that is just a wee bit overwhelming to think about right now, so I have added it to my post-graduation wish list and will be selling them via word of mouth for right now.

If you look at the two pictures below I am selling the cream style headband for $12 and the brown style for $14. The only major difference is the type of yarn used. The brown one is quite a bit thicker and the yarn is more expensive hence the higher price. Other than that it is up to personal preference for what you like :)

With the price includes...

I have these two for sample so you can feel them, try them on etc. and decide what you prefer. I will try my best to have it done within a week maximum of when you order. Think about the cold weather coming up and Christmas just around the corner :) Let me know if you'd like more information and please pass this on to anyone else you think may be interested!

My email address is

Update-yes I am able to mail to anyone out of the area. Contact me for additional details. Projected timing looks to be within about 2-3 weeks now based on the number of orders I have had already. If you need one sooner than that please inquire with me and we can work it out to be quicker. Thanks.

Thanks Miss Hannah for modeling :)

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