2 years.

Photo credit to Austin King.
Two years ago today, on a shivering cold evening after three huge exams, my best friend took me on a walk to the park downtown. Sitting me down on the swing, the local hangout of our freshman year, he graciously asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend. Full well admitting that I had no idea how to do this and was incredibly scared yet knowing I really truly liked him and the Lord had his hand in this I said yes. The whole walk back I am convinced he regretted asking and was thinking 'what in the world did I get myself into' as I squealed for a good twenty minutes over and over again 
Two years later, he is still humbling putting up with my excitement over stupid little things and I am still thinking I have no idea how to do this. He is still the the best friend I have had since the 9th grade, continually seeking to serve the Lord above all else and through that love and care for me. Through moments of trial and pain and countless times of forgiveness only brought through God's grace, we have learned more about ourselves and one another as well as where our place is in this big and broad world and how to love our Lord Jesus Christ better. 

Our relationship is quite possibly the furthest thing from perfect yet my prayer is that it would continually reflect the radiance of Christ and not be for our own selfish gain but to fully seek and serve our Lord and bring glory and honor to his name. 

Thank you Lord for your divine purpose in bringing and keeping us together as friends first and foremost and into a dating relationship secondly. 

Thank you Jacob for continually pursuing me and seeking to know more about me each and everyday and loving me through that.

Thank you dear family and friends for taking this journey along with us and blessing us with wisdom, discernment, and encouragement for our relationship.

Here's to two years of silly, charming, hopeful, challenging, reconciling, joyful, and beautiful moments of our relationship which has brought us to where we are today.

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