A Letter to My Readers

Dear beloved readers of my little blog,

This hug I am giving Jacob demonstrates a big huge hug I would like to give to you.

I truly value your dedication and avid reading of this blog and the support I have gotten within the past year of reading and creating. I love hearing from you and catering this blog to the wants and desires of the readers while sticking to my original motivation in making it, to glorify the Lord and his name alone.

I ask for your forgiveness as the past month or so I have been changing around the design a lot and have been going through an identity crisis with the name of my little corner of the internet.

I do solemnly swear that this will be the last name change, officially called "According to Laura" and once this design is done I will no longer be making any huge changes as far as that goes (besides tweaks here and there) for a long while.

So please do bear with the transition and know that soon there will be continuity, simplicity, and beauty. Thanks for sticking with me and reading along. I treasure each one of you.