Reading Letters to a Future Church, 2 Peter, and one too many paper revisions.

Wishing for some quality time and date night with my man.

Thinking about my stance on homosexuality for philosophy class.

Listening to the Indie holiday music playlist on Pandora.

Wearing a plaid scarf, black dress, red cardigan, skinny jeans, and tall boots.

Loving the sixty degree weather on December 4th and the ability to wear Chacos on this lovely day.

Praying for discernment and clarity for post graduation plans. 

Remembering Guatemala.

Writing an exegetical paper on Psalm 34.

Crocheting infinity scarves for Christmas presents.

Feeling slightly blue with sugar on top...meaning somewhat down with goodness sprinkled amidst the downcast mood.

Needing sleep, hugs, Jesus, and chocolate.