10 Little Laura Things

1. I wear a scarf almost every single day from the months of October-April. Today I tried to go without one and it was a rough day lacking comfort.

2. I love small spaces for alone time and prayer, my future house will have a prayer closet even if it means giving up a closet for my clothes.

3. I truly enjoy being bald and don't wish I was any other way however sometimes I secretly wish that I had hair just to see what it would look like.

4. I have discovered lately that my persona gives off that I am on top of many things and am very put together. As a collective whole I am organized and keep up with things but that in no way means I am perfect or don't experience the very real emotions of loneliness, anxiety, and confusion.

5. I love words that aren't used often but have so much depth to them. This being said I feel as though I don't use such words myself regularly.. disappointment.

6. I have a special place in my heart for Chipotle corn.

7. I am trying to make reading for enjoyment more of a priority in my life right now.

8. I always fall asleep on my stomach and as soon as I realize I am asleep I switch to laying on my right side.

9. I have recently discovered that home is rarely about the walls, boundaries, or a physical place but so much more about experiences in relationships and common place sharing.

10. I am 99% of the time not up to date on current events which I probably should be.

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