Christmas Break Favorites

1. Resting a lot.
2. Going out to dinner at Cossetta's with Jake's family.
3. Watching the snow fall.
4. Decorating for Christmas.
5. Making and buying Christmas presents.
6. Writing letters.
7. Going thrift store shopping.
8. Making homemade fudge.
9. Nannying for the Rataj kids.
10. Celebrating Christmas Eve and Day with my family and Jake's.
11. Watching countless episodes of Lost with Jacob.
12. Spending much quality time with Weston.
13. Reading.
14. Watching football and making pizzas with the guys.
15. Processing first semester and where I am at in life.
16. Sewing a camera bag.
17. Making dinner from scratch with Jacob for date night.
18. Having many long and rich conversations with Gina.
19. Seeing Weston off to the airport.
20. Meeting Aric, Leah's boyfriend.
21. Dinner and cosmic bingo with the family, Aric, and Jake.
22. Ice skating at Centennial Lakes for another date night.
23. Bowling with the Gilleland family.
24. Worshiping with the Rejoice! community.
25. Traveling back 'home' to 3rd East.


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