Quite often I am usually one to get everything necessary done before other things of lesser importance.

But it has been one of those weeks, so here is what's been keeping me distracted lately. Can you resonate?

1. Doing laundry, washing dishes, straightening up. As soon as I need something else to do organizing is my go to distraction.
2. Taking a nap no matter what time of day, why yes I did take an 8:30pm nap the other day.
3. Socializing around Fern, it's hard not to when you walk within a few steps of anyone and everyone at all times.
4. Blogging, facebook, email, pinterest...the social norms nowadays for all college students.
5. Call Jacob to hear about his day.
6. Read books for fun, not a bad thing, but doesn't get done too often with all the required reading.
7. Write letters, such a lost art these days, a worthy distraction in my opinion.

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