Get to Know Me

"Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold."

Friends new and old alike, welcome one welcome all. The process of discovering a new blog is cherishably daunting. 

New perspective, new story, new everything I quite often find inspiring but feel as though I have to play catch up through 200+ posts to truly understand who a blogger is. And who really has time for that anyways?

So how about I hold your hand a little bit through the process of getting to know me if you're new around here? And if you've been loyal since the beginning, maybe you will learn something new :)

Yes, I am bald. No I am not a crazy punk who shaved their head in rebellion to authority nor do I have Cancer. Want to know more? Go here, it's a great story! And as you can see, I embrace my baldness however I can..
I find myself quickly approaching college graduation day in May (eek). Youth ministry and Christian education is my major of choice but no I will probably never be a youth pastor. Ask me what I will be doing in 3 months and I have not an answer to give you.

I am interested and very passionate about student development, spiritual growth, children and youth, community development, and people. So anything combining any or all of those aspects could be a good guess. Here are some thoughts I had last year around this time about myself, passions, and spiritual direction for my life.

I am an RA this year to 34 beautiful and radiant college women, ranging from freshman to seniors. They encourage me daily and we have grown together in an incomparable way.

Along with being an RA to my wing I am also apart of the larger reslife staff in my dorm and these eight ladies and I are inseparable. I praise the Lord for the bond He has instilled within us to love one another, Him, and our dorm whole-heartily.
Surely wherever I go, my creativity and craftiness follow close behind. My DIY projects page is filled with proof to this.. sewing, recipes, decorations reside at that page. My Pinterest is also filled with hopeful aspirations to feed my future creative desires. Be sure to also check out my dorm room post and tutorials series I am in the middle of.

Be sure to be on the look out every Sunday evening for the weekend wrap-up posts filled with the latest and greatest weekend adventures.

Next up is one of the biggest aspects of my life, this man named Jacob Daniel Gilleland. What a blessing he is in my life. We've been together going on two and a half years yet we've been best friends since the mere age of 14. Want to learn more about our journey? Check out our summer adventures (and part two), a random date night, our 2 year anniversary, and of course Valentine's Day to get started.
You'll see his pictures floating around this blog quite often and me boasting of his humility, kindness, and love towards me but more importantly the Lord. Sorry if that's not your thing, I will try to keep it at a minimum, but as a blogger/writer I believe it is important to write about what is near and dear to my heart.
Also, one of my favorite pictures of him just appeared on {this moment} from the week. These are weekly Friday posts sharing one photo through the week that captures a special moment I want to make note of.

At the core of this blog, above all else, I hope that the name of Christ is brought glory through my stories, writing, and pictures. The Lord is so very faithful and present in my life, as well as those around me. My prayer is that this blog would be filled with His presence and an encouragement to you wherever you are at. Interested in hearing more about the importance of faith in my life? Have a look see at some of these posts.

Any questions? Anything I didn't cover? Still confused about something? Don't be shy now, ask away in the comments below or via email. I love to hear from my dear readers. Please know you are loved and valued.

P.S. Have you signed up for the Gap giveaway yet? If not, I think you probably should.. I want you to WIN!

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