Valentine's Day

Yep, I am doing it. Bragging about my boy on this oh so stereotypical cheesy day.

I love his positive attitude.
I love his love of the Lord.
I love the way he looks at me.
I love his goofiness.
I love his accountability.
I love his compassion on all people.
I love his respect.
I love that he dreams big.
I love his support.
I love his patience.
I love his family.
I love the joy he has for little things.
I love that he continually pursues me.
I love his deep thinking.
I love his little notes.
I love his dedication.
I love the way he dresses.
I love his free spirit.
I love his trust.
I love his embarrassed smile.

He is one of a kind and I most definitely have fallen for that. I am so smitten with him and we don't need a special day to be aware of that but hey it's another reminder.

I pray wherever you find yourself today, you would feel loved. By others, but more importantly by the fullness of our Lord Jesus Christ, for he alone can satisfy.

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