A Full Life

How long does it take your soul to realize that your life is full?

This question has been delicately haunting me in various forms this year. The words to encompass my mumbled jumbled thoughts and fragments of emotions have finally been impressed in this one question.

Each day, each moment is consumed with the constant disequilibrium between the rushed fast paced life the world nearly engraves on me and the strong desire I have to live in the present, embracing each moment for the weight of what it is worth.

Life can seem so full at times that it is actually oh so empty. Sometimes in my busiest moments, filled with the most people, events, and good things, I indeed feel the loneliest, emptiest, and most drained.

It’s a strange thing, eh? In our own rush and haste we break our own lives. Yet we so easily fill our schedules with more events, more people, more commitments, more helping.. none of which are bad just filling without being fulfilling.
“We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing.” Psalm 39:6
Nutritionists plead that it takes a solid 15 minutes for the stomach to connect to the brain and say I am full, stop eating now. Hence why it is so effortless to overeat.

Again I ask, how long does it take your soul to realize that your life is full?

So often it seems like the connection is not made until after life is too full. We are over indulging in our schedules and daily lives so much so that it isn’t until our souls realize that our life is full that it is too late.

Life is most definitely brief and passing yet it is not an emergency. When we view it as an emergency we are stuck in the trap of thinking that we don’t have enough time, that there is always more we can and need to do.

But in Christ we are complete. In Christ life is too brief to hurry. In Christ these moments we are given are blessings. In Christ it is finished. In Christ it is not about doing but being. In Christ we are fulfilled.

Brothers and sisters, when was the last time your soul realized that your life was full? Is it too full? Or is it fulfilled in Christ alone? 

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