Let's Catch Up

So in between the random two line blog updates, ambiguous mountainous pictures, and 1300 miles put on within the past 5 days I have been quite absent from the internet scene this last week. How about we catch up dear friends?

About that blog giveaway.. thank you so much for all those who participated and entered. I surely hope you found some new blogs to cherish their words. All along the ladies and I who put this together desired to bless someone with the $150 GAP gift card and my oh my what a blessing it turned out to be. God is good.

The winner was Elena and here is the amazing testimony she has to share..
"I'd like to share a little about myself. I am a first-generation Christian in my family of atheists. So, here's how the GAP giveaway story happened on my end: Just the other day I was telling my cousin, who is not a believer, that it's so hard for me to find long jeans at local stores, (my legs are outrageously long) and that I'll just have to trust God to fill my need. She kind of smiled politely, thinking it's another Christian catchphrase. 
But Jesus has a sense of humor, out of 12,772 entries, mine was chosen in the GAP giveaway. I can not wait to show her the card and your [Beth's] email as proof that I wasn't making up the story! So inadvertently, you and the other bloggers are bringing someone close to experiencing God's light...I am floored!"
About Colorado.. Oh how I dearly I love it here. The city is truly where my heart is but within any turn of the body a mountain range is in view waiting to be explored. The people, the culture, the pace of life, the adventure is all beckoning me here. I have definitely found a corner of this big wide world that I love.

About this girl.. It's her birthday. Jessica White, the one and only, is turning 21 today. Give her a big whoop whoop and happy birthday because it is her special day.
About graduation.. Maybe I should be reminding myself more and more that college graduation is a mere two months away. Wow did that fly by! My heart longs to live in the present and enjoy the moments I am in but at the same time I should probably start preparing myself for a new exciting stage of life.

About Jacob.. Oh how I miss my man. It's been so great to getaway but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss him terribly. Here's to t-minus 4 days till I hug him again :)
About you.. I feel so honored and blessed by the way this little blog of mine has grown recently. Readership, followers, and page views have been at an all time high, because some people think that my voice and story is worth reading and keeping up with. What an honor. I thank you for investing in me and I hope to do the same for you.

However above all else I desire to share the Lord through my eyes, through the ways in which He is living and active in my life. Although every post may not mention His name, I hope to encourage you along your journey and want to remember that this blog has nothing to do with the number of followers it has yet everything to do with a Midwest bald girl following Him alone.

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