This past weekend included a much needed time of reflection over this past year, specifically within my RA position. Please join in some of these thoughts and help hold me accountable.

What am I proud of this year?
-Being very hospitable and generous with my belongings.
-Opening up my room to continual fellowship.
-Being more faithful in prayer.
-Understanding my emotions better.

What has been challenging this year?
-Juggling the roles of RA, girlfriend, believer, friend, daughter, and sister.
-Being vulnerable and honest, especially with myself and the Lord.
-Processing the Sandy Hook Massacre.
-Being genuinely grateful.

How have I changed this year?
-Have been held more accountable and become more transparent through it.
-Learned that I need to take care of myself so I can take care of others better.
-I struggle with being flexible and adaptable.

What I want to work on/continue to grow in?
-Gaining more perspectives but staying foundational in my faith.
-Staying true to who I am.
-Loving well even when it isn't my first instinct.
-Speaking the truth in love.

What are you currently reflecting on in your own life?

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