Weekend Wrap-Up (20)

Give a big welcome back to the good 'ol trusty weekend wrap-up, number 20 to be precise. Do not fret, you will still receive the inside scoop to my weekends every Sunday night as always but they have been revamped for your reading enjoyment. That being said, enjoy :)
5 Favorite Moments
-My best friend from home and her new boyfriend visiting us for the weekend.
-Fern 3rd East cake night date night.
-Being a proud RA and watching my beautiful ladies perform in the dance team showcase and RUSH Presents.
-Staying up till 3:30am processing life, having convicting conversations, and growing deeper with Gina.
-A Sabbath afternoon nap.

4 Blessings
-Tax returns.
-Long walks around a small town.
-The season of Lent.
-God's perfect timing.

3 Thoughts
-I am so over winter weather, especially after Colorado. Spring temperatures, I am calling your name. Please hurry your little booty to Northwest Iowa. Thanks!
-I graduate in less than two months. wow.
-I have thee best boyfriend, hands down. How am I so blessed with such a selfless and humble dude?  Pretty darn blessed I would say.

2 Things You Should Look At
-Paint Chip Madness: On Communion and Kin
-Elm Street Life: Gluten Free Banana Bread in a Mug

1 Word to Describe it All

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