Weekend Wrap-Up (21)

5 Favorite Moments
-Waking up with 30 rubber chickens on me.
-Exploring Downtown Minneapolis with the RAs.
-Having a really crazy dance party in the church with hula hoops, pool noodles, and police lights.
-Visiting the Global Market and eating Thai food.
-Returning to campus feeling loved, supported, and refreshed.

4 Blessings
-Long car rides with intentional conversation.
-Our staff of RAs, everyone of them is truly a blessing.
-Worshiping in a diverse environment, so refreshing.
-Getting off campus for some much needed debriefing and processing.

3 Thoughts
-Minnesota nice is really actually true.. I may be a bit bias.
-I really don't think it is possible for me to own too many scarves, it is getting to a scary amount!
-Easter break, you can't come soon enough!

2 Things You Should Look At
-Jane Caroline: Time Spent Worrying is Lost Joy
-Heavens to Betsy: DIY Wall Art

1 Word to Describe it

Let's hear about your weekend!

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