A Week of Birthdays

I always look forward to this week of the year because it is a time of celebration of several very important people in my life all at one time.

Today my dearest Jacob is welcomed into the 21 club as we celebrate the powerful testimony the Lord has already blessed him with for the past 20 years and pray that this next year would be filled with even more refining and growth in the faith. Happy birthday my love :)

Thursday my little baby sister Leah turns 19! Say what? Most definitely seems like we are still youngin's but I guess that stage has come to an end as we continue to increase in age. Happy birthday to a sister who has a mind of her own, is way more artsy than I could ever dream to be, and never ceases to amaze me.

Saturday my courageous and faithful roommate Jackie also turns 21. I am so thankful for this beautiful woman who has continually taught me the significance of grace and reliance upon our holy Lord. She lives a life of full obedience and is a blessing to all who know her. Happy birthday dear!

Leave them a little birthday love, would you? These three people are some of the most important people in my life and it is such a joy to celebrate their story thus far and look ahead to what God has in store for them.

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