Letter to Myself

Dear Future Laura,

You are currently experiencing the whirlwind of life changing at a rapid pace. You've known that these changes have been coming for a long time but inevitably they are starting to get more real as you make big life decisions about the future.

As college comes to an end in only a few short weeks there have been some things I have been reflecting on that I hope you continue to pursue and strive after. The official classroom work, long hours at youth group meetings, and late nights working on papers may come to an end but I hope you never cease your desire for learning and growing.

There are so many beautiful people, places, cultures, and ways of life in this large world that I would like you to continue to explore and broader your horizons with learning new things. Don't settle for what you already know rather seek to learn something new or different everyday.

Looking back on this someday, I would hope that you have grown in courage alongside humility. Take chances, speak the truth in love, share things that are worth risking but all the while remember the sacrificial love and humility your God demonstrates to you everyday and do the same for others.

If there is one thing your college self has learned it's that life is so precious and there are so many gems on this earth to grow alongside and live life together with. I hope that you are still relying on the power and presence of community and both edifying as well as gaining from the body of Christ.

Stay true to who you are, love well, and continue to grow in the Lord's faithful and steadfast plans. I am sure I will be proud of how far you have come.

xoxo, the Current Laura

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