My Talented Sister

 Hey, remember this post in which I announced to the world my sister's 19th birthday? Well how about you give her a little love with this opportunity.

My sister's love for art and design has brought her to MSUM as a graphic design student. As only a freshman she has already been recognized for many of her pieces and continues to amaze not only her professors and fellow art students but also her family and friends, myself included.

She is now one of the top finalists for designing Brandi Carlile's, yes I repeat Brandi Carlile's, summer tour merchandise. Can you say, awesome? Take a look at one of her amazing designs..
One of the reasons I love blogging is the community of bloggers from around the world that come together and support one another. I ask that you would take literally one minute to cast a vote for my little sis. There are only two days left and she would love all the votes she can get.

You can vote by going to here (Talenthouse) and voting with either Twitter or Facebook. I pinky promise that there is an option to hide it from Facebook so it won't go on your page if you so desire.

Please send her some birthday love through this amazing opportunity. Thank you dear friends.