Only in College

As my final college days come to an end I have been reminiscing of the crazy random experiences that have taken place while living in such close proximity to others.

Each of these pictures and memories, along with so many more that have gone undocumented, make me laugh and appreciate my college experience in a special way.

I remember the time when...

-Ali and I ran around campus freshman year with a dinosaur taking pictures with it in random locations.

-Our brother wing showed up in the most ridiculous costumes to cheer on a random single intramural racquetball game.

-I slept walked through Fern with a sock on my hand as a sock puppet talking to random people.

-We purposefully put our fingers in candle wax because it felt cool.

-A branch literally the length of my entire room lodged from corner to corner showed up in my dorm.

-A few days later that same branch became a public display for all my undergarments in the stairwell.

-We fed my popcorn obsession with 'borrowing' a huge leftover tub of it from bingo.

-The RAs drove around Orange City, sneaked up to Christmas light displays, and took pictures in them.

-I fished crayons out of the toilet with a spoon.

-We brought Georgia, my mannequin, to be our team mascot for giant beach volleyball.

-I woke up with tons of rubber chickens on me.

-Hannah and I spent three hours in the trunk of a car just hanging out.

-Jackie blow dried her bed after spilling water on it.

-The many times I have been scared or have partaken in the scaring of others.

-Jake's name got changed in my phone to Yogi Bear 4x and I still don't know who did it.

-A snowman showed up in my room saying 'tag you're it.'

-Katie put on all 26 of my scarves at one time.

-Every single piece of furniture in my room was turned upside down.

There are just too many great ones. What are some of your fondest college memories? Do we have any in common? I would love to hear some of your funny stories.

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