The Art of Complaining

The art of complaining. An art I myself know a little bit too close for comfort.

Our words are so plagued by this innate desire to express dissatisfaction in everyday life, in things that should normally be beautiful yet are tainted by our annoyances.

Like the snow today. Oh so glorious, so pure, so mysterious. Why yes it is April 11th and last year at this time it was 80 degrees outside but does that give everyone on planet Facebook the permission to complain?

I do admit I was among this crowd today, commenting on my distaste for the colder weather, but now I beg the question of why?

Why must this be so horrible? Why are we so justified in our grumbling? Is it really that bad?

I think not. I believe the bigger issue here is our appetite to fill silences with words, to say something out of nothing, and simply talk to talk.

One of the most prominent Bible passages in my life this past year is our dorm's theme from Ephesians 4:25.
"Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members of one another." 
I continually find myself asking whether I am indeed speaking the truth in love to my neighbor, edifying them or the Lord in all things, and purifying my words to be holy and pleasing to the growth of the body of Christ.

I by no means have this figured out. It is so much easier to fuss about annoying snow that changes my plans of the day rather then glorify the beauty of the Lord through nature and proclaim it to my neighbor.

Which will you choose? Join with me in speaking the truth in love to one another and denouncing this contagious art of complaining that we are infected with.

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