Weekend Wrap-Up (23)

5 Favorite Moments
-While playing Scattergories, Jake put 'eye dog' as something to grab on your way out the door (true, but so funny and random).
-Staying up really late conversing with Haley and Valor.
-Going on our first sunset walk of the season.
-Lunch with Ali, Emily, and Jacob.
-Performing a motivational dance to I'm Blue for my beautiful freshman.

4 Blessings
-A boyfriend who runs to the grocery store for 7-up and Ritz crackers.
-Alone time.
-God's provision and faithfulness despite confusion.
-Skyping Weston on his 21st birthday.

3 Thoughts
-Fashion magazines are weird, I have literally never seen normal people actually wear the trends in them.
-Boy do I take my digestive system for granted.
-This week will be a big one involving many life choices.. prayers appreciated.

2 Things You Should Really Look At
-Relevant Magazine: Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life
-Pinterest: I love these colors!

1 Word to Describe it

What were some highlights of your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week?

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