Weekend Wrap-Up (24)

5 Favorite Moments
-Celebrating Haley's birthday with cupcakes, women, and laughter.
-Fern's sleepover birthday parties in the RSC-giant dutch blitz, The Help, bonfires with s'mores, scooter races, running around an empty building, pancakes in the morning. Pure bliss.
-A spontaneous nerf gun war targeting the other Fern RAs with Keely and Valor.
-Watching my dear roommate Jackie kill it in the 4x400.
-Driving to NCDC in Nancy and enjoying beautiful music with dear friends.

4 Blessings
-Realizing how much a community can thrive when grounded in the grace and humility of Christ.
-Being away from Jacob for the weekend.. that sounds bad but it is always nice to rekindle love from afar and recognize importance through some distance.
-Car rides with my darling Hannah processing our hopes and aspirations for the impending future.
-Gray Sabbath days filled with Jazz music and good reads.

3 Thoughts
-It is so hard for me to believe it has already been 6 years since the passing of my grandmother.
-I have a full time job that I am stoked about post graduation, AHHHHHH! (more to come later this week)
-The Holy Spirit.. wow.

2 Things You Should Really Look At
-Poppy the Blog: How Blogging Went Wrong (I really appreciate her honesty)
-Relevant Magazine: What's in a Name?

1 Word to Describe it

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