Weekend Wrap-Up (25)

5 Favorite Moments
-Going out to dinner with my man for his birthday and enjoying his first legal drink.
-Making and enjoying breakfast with Fern and North friends and celebrating Jackie's birthday.
-Pulling off the best surprise ever in bringing Weston to campus for Jake's birthday.
-Meeting Jason Castro at Northwestern of all places, what a man of the Lord.
-Commissioning the Summer of Service team for their adventures abroad.

4 Blessings
-Laughing uncontrollably, laughter is such a beautiful medicine.
-Feeling at peace and digging into the Lord's word in a new way.
-Sharing meals with those I love so deeply.

3 Thoughts
-How are you doing?
-Homemade breakfast hits the spot this time of the semester.
-I am incredibly proud of the girls on my wing. Thinking back over the year they have grown is such beautiful ways.

2 Things You Should Really Look At
-The Atlantic: Why People Prayed for Boston on Twitter and Facebook, and Then Stopped
-Introvert's Introduction: How to Edit Outfit Posts

1 Word to Describe it

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