Apartment Brainstorming

After thinking we'd be homeless next year, my roommate Charlotte and I have finally found a small house, pretty much the size of an apartment, to rent. It is such a gem with a lot larger yard than house itself, perfect for us.

So now the brainstorming begins of how to decorate, organize, and live in such a small space. Of course after consulting good 'ol Pinterest for some ideas, I have come to realize now more than ever that the grandiose ideas assume everyone in the world has unlimited white walls to hang absurd things, create rain bath showers, and renovate any space to become something completely different.

Well, as well all know, the things we pin on Pinterest are typically not too realistic. So with that in mind I have been trying to pin things lately that are actually realistic or could really be useful for our rental property.

Yes the list is slim, so would you help me out? Here's what I have so far, what do you think? Have you seen other practical ideas you've fallen in love with lately? You can follow along on my journey of brainstorming here!
1//a bookshelf as kitchen storage 2//a shower curtain headboard 3//small kitchen space using walls

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