Fern 3rd East

Fern 3rd East,

I love you. How else do I put it? This year has been a beautiful journey and it is hard to believe the season of living together in community is about to an end.

Thank you for embracing me as your RA, giving me grace in times of great need, and speaking the truth in love to one another. Thank you for humbly pursuing Christ and encouraging one another in the faith. Thank you for putting up with my bald jokes, enforcement of quiet hours, and last minute wing events.

You come up with the wildest of ideas, but hey they work, really well. Like British Wednesdays, who ever thought that would stick? You are a community who shares till it hurts. That includes clothes, food, time, and a listening ear.

You are quite possibly the most involved wing on campus-pouring into campus ministry team, athletics, drama, SOS, music, d-group leaders, SSP, work study jobs-there are so many areas. However at the end of the day you call F3E your home and continue to invest in the relationships that make up our little community.
You all have such servant hearts. The ratio of us in social services professions is slightly creepy but all the while a cherished demonstration of what you place priority in.

As we spend our last few days together, my heart feels bittersweet. I am so blessed by your presence this year and making it a truly incredible experience. I am also saddened by the goodbyes that will have inevitably have to take place and the change that is bound to happen. Who really likes change anyways?

But I know and trust that this change of the season will bring about deepened relationships and a new opportunities for the all of us. So let's promise one another that we will continue to love well and share experiences even through the differences we are about to undergo.

I love you 3rd East.

xoxo Nanna

P.S. I will always be your Nanna.

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