Perfection in Relationships

Welcome to my life friends, where perfectionism is followed to a tee. Whether it be academically, while hanging a picture on the wall, in what I say and do.. I shamefully admit the strive for perfection spills over into all areas of my life, including my relationship with Jacob.

We've been dating some years now and have learned the nature of this beast and in particular how I let it have a place in our relationship instead of seeking out the grace and freedom found in Christ.

Anyways, I found an article today that touched my heart in a powerful way. It was too good not to pass it along to you. If this isn't convincing enough in itself check out this quote:
"But here's the good news: the Gospel is not the story of our perfection, but of God's redemption. When we screw up, when we sin against one another and against God, He is faithful still. That's why so many marriages endure in spite of sin-of course sin is toxic in any relationship, but God is greater."
Amen Relevant Magazine, amen.

Please invest five minutes into this article and share your thoughts with me. I'd love to have a discussion start surrounding this subject as I think it is an important one to consider deeply.

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