Book Gems

The Ragamuffin Gospel//The Glass Castle//The Shack//Firefly Lane

I guess it is the week to update you on my summer bucket list successes. On the topic of books, my goal is to read eight by the end of this summer and I am almost half way done, wahoo. 

I could not recommend these four books more highly for your reading enjoyment. They have each shaped and changed me in beautiful ways.

Don't you just love that about books? Even if they are fiction they have such power and influence over one's outlook on life. 

I could go on and on about each one of these and how they have changed pieces of me, but that would be unfair of me to ruin these gems for you. So how about you just take my word and read them yourself this summer?

That being said, I still have four more, hopefully more, to read before the summer is over. I have my eye on a few but what are some good reads you would recommend? I am open to pretty much anything so ready, set, go shoot me your favorite books!

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