Feeling Healthy

Don't you just love the feeling of being healthy? This is an odd question you may think but the past few weeks I have been feeling so healthy and loving it.

A slower summer pace makes for more quality time working out, fresh and wholesome food, and trying new things. Not only do I feel like I have more energy and motivation but all around healthier and happier.

Now here is the catch, in just under a month I start my full time job, move to a new state, and start a completely different pace of life. What suggestions do you have to carry through with the habits I have already created? What motivates you in busy and tiring schedules?

It is crazy to me how long it takes to get in shape and then just how in a matter of days all that hard work can disappear. Not my cup of tea if you as me :)

P.S. You should all download the app Runmeter (shown above). I am in love. It tracks all of your routes, compares your runs from day to day, counts calories, records miles, suggests paths, measures ratio of inclining to declining, and is free. It would be a mistake if you are a runner and didn't have this app!

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