Instagram Newbie

Heyo people, I just joined the big kids club and got a smart phone. By just I mean over a month ago and by smart phone I really mean instagram. So start following me, yeah?

1//green bikes make for a green city.
2//summer bucket listing it up.
3//henna head.
4//Jacob 'entering at his own risk' a free creepy campground. Frugal boyfriend, eh?
5//this ain't Orange City, I can pick me my own tulips.
6//this cat on a leash, one in the buggy on their way to go canoeing. I don't lie.
7//300 life jackets in the back of my car? No problem.
8//nothing like 2 miles of running and 9 miles of biking in a day to break in some new shoes.
9//escorting my children on a geocaching adventure. 

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