Intentional Blogging

Calling all my blogging friends out there in particular and those who are loyal to this little blog of mine, I have a topic to share with you today that I have been wrestling with the past few weeks.

One of my summer bucket list goals was to be an intentional blogger. While this is widely up for debate of what exactly this means, I want to know what you think.

Does this mean faithfully posting everyday at 7am? Sticking to only posting on a certain content you're passionate about? Following through with emails and responding to comments? Staying true to who you are in person as well as online?

The implications of being an intentional blogger seem limitless and for me to succeed this desire of mine I would love to open up this topic for conversation and hear what it means for you to be intentional in the blogging community.

What is important to you? What is your foundation? What are some ways you are intentional specifically within your blog and audience? What does the word intentional mean to you?

Let's learn from one another and enrich our passion for blogging that we all have in common.

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