Recent Raves

It's been awhile since I caught you up on my recent raves so here comes anything and everything that has caught my eye lately.

dance moves... the corn on the cob, the Jumpin' Joe, the sprinkler.

phrases... Get out of town, You're good, Lebanon Hills Visitor Center this is Laura.

modes of transportation... hiking, roller blades, biking.

colors... salmon, sage green, pewter gray.

songs... The Ladder (Andrew Belle), My Dear (Bethel Live), Pilot Me (Josh Garrels).

fashion trends... penny loafers, dresses with a shirt over them because they double as a skirt.

activities... hop scotch, watering flowers, eating fresh berries.

blessings... free Panda Express, cool summer evenings, feeling pretty.

words... splendid, vast, immaculate.

cities... Ocean City MD, Denver CO, Stillwater MN.

books... The Glass Castle, The Ragamuffin Gospel.

shapes... octagon, kite, parallelogram.

remember... when the Harlem Shake went viral for a month and then died out.

How about you share some of yours with me? Come on, be creative, I'd love to hear :)

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