Calling All Questions

Do you ever have times where you are continually frustrated and discouraged by something for so long but then you finally receive a glimmer of hope and get super pumped about it again? I do. Tell me I'm not the only one?

This is how blogging has been for me the past few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, but I have been too caught up in the present and enjoying summer that blogging has been on the back burner. This quite knowingly allowed me to become easily frustrated because I wasn't putting as much time into ideas, felt like I lacked a whole gallon of creativity, and caused me to look down on my little blog.

Well friends, you are in luck, because I have all of a sudden gained an arms worth of confidence and passion for writing and sharing on this blog again. One of the biggest reasons I love blogging is the way it gives an open space for vulnerability and appreciation for being genuine.

I try to be as transparent with my readers, you guys, as I can so that Christ would be glorified through me for who I am not someone I am not. To allow you fine folks the opportunity to get to know me better and continue on this current hope I see in the future of this blog I am hosting a Q&A opportunity.

Now is YOUR chance to ask me anything. As long as it is appropriate and within the walls of this home of mine, I will answer whatever questions you have.

You have until Wednesday at midnight, central time, to post your questions. You can include your questions either publicly or anonymously by commenting on this post or feel free to drop me an email at

I am super pumped to be completely genuine with you and answer questions about anything from faith, my life, random facts.. anything goes. So get your questions rolling people and check back for the answers post soon.

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