Clothing Creativity

It has become somewhat of a running joke between my friends and family that I can turn the ugliest or strangest of clothing items into workable parts of my wardrobe.

So instead of taking offense to this I have decided to embrace it and share with you one of my recent gems.

This terribly too big and box shaped shirt was discovered on a late night Walmart run last week during a sleepover. Deciding to quick peruse through the clearance clothes I picked up this size 3x shirt as my friend Jessica laughed at it in comparison to my size small torso.
Yes, it looked awkward to say the least..
But with it's $1 price tag and ravishing bright colors I couldn't help but look for the potential in it and brainstorm the lovely possibilities this summery colored shirt could take on with my closet.

So needless to say, I got it. Much to the laughter and unbelief of the friends I was with, I felt confident there was someway to spice this bargain beauty up. And there was..
The moral of the story friends is to never discount something that may be out of the question at first but with a little creativity could become one of your favorites. 

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