Our Engagement: Jacob's Side

Today my lovely ladies and gentlemen you have the very honored privilege of hearing from my fiancé Jacob and his side of the engagement that went down a few weeks ago. Without further ado, here is the man I love dearly.
1. How excited are you to be engaged?

I don't know how cheesy I should be with all these questions but I am so excited and very relieved that I no longer have to keep such a big secret from Laura.

2. How long had you been planning to propose to Laura?

The first time I told someone that I was planning on proposing to Laura was probably a year and a half ago. This will sound cheesy but when we had started dating I had this idea however that we would just never break up, looks like that happened. I started seriously looking for rings last November but didn't find anything she would like. Between January and April I probably went to eight different stories and I decided upon a ring in late March. I made a trip to the Cities over the last weekend in April and I purchased in then. I was thinking about proposing before Laura graduated but it took six weeks for the company to make the ring and by the time I got it, she had graduated already. 

3. What emotions did you feel leading up to the engagement?

I am someone who doesn't easily get stressed or freaked out, but I was terrified leading up to the proposal; which is funny because I knew she would not say no. But the weeks leading up to asking her I couldn't even look at the ring because I would get nervous and anxious.

4. Did everything go as planned?

Not completely. I was planning on taking her to a little opening by the river that was deeper in the woods, a place we normally go. But the water was so high and it was super muddy. I was also planning on taking pictures of the actual proposal but I couldn't get the camera to work how I wanted. But that's alright, it was still amazing!

5. What was your favorite part of the day?

(Before clarifying the question Jacob said this..) I really like that time of day right when the sun is about to set and the sky is all orange but it is still bright out, warm and surreal. 

(After clarifying I meant favorite part of the day we got engaged Jacob said this..) I have two favorite parts. The first was when I actually proposed and the weight was lifted off my shoulders and all of the anxiety and freaking out subsided, which means I could finally eat my lunch, which is good because I was hungry. My second favorite part of the day was after when we called everyone and we could just sit, relax, and soak it all in. 

6. What are your thoughts on wedding planning?

Holy cats, there are a lot of small things I didn't even know existed. But I am looking forward to this process and it's fun to plan these things with Laura. Also you are all invited to our wedding.................

7. What are you most looking forward to for marriage?

Being able to experience all of life with Laura and everyday living. I also am excited to see how she reacts to all of my quirks. 

8. Any final words?

It has been far too long since I have eaten lasagna, like at least 8 months.

Well it looks like we will be making lasagna soon and having to expand our guest list to include the entire blogging network :) There you have it my friends, the details straight from the man behind the madness. 

What questions do you have for him? Anything you are dying to know? Leave a comment and I will send your question his way.

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