The Laura Picture

Last night I was jumping around Facebook and came across this picture I had been tagged in. After initially skipping over it I returned and noticed just how much I actually like this picture.

Okay, that sounds awkward, like I am some selfish oh look at me person admiring my own picture. However that is not my point.

It is all too easy to critique every little piece of ourselves and overlook the good within us. I am so guilty of this.

But when I saw this picture I was content and reminded that it is good and healthy to find things within myself that I enjoy.

This picture shows me for who I really am and I like that. I am outside in nature, flashing a cheesy smile, in the process of taking pictures, drinking water from my favorite water bottle, wearing a shirt with the world on it because I love the world, hanging out with some of my favorite people, exploring new things, sporting my Chacos, and living in the moment.

What do you like about yourself? I encourage you to find a photo or two of yourself in your natural element and find things that you love about who you are.

God created us in his very own image and we so often scrutinize that by pointing out the negative. How about we look for attributes we like in ourselves instead today and praise to the Lord for that? Sound like a deal? Okay good.

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