The Minnesota Arboretum

Yesterday my mom and I took the day to walk around and explore The Minnesota Arboretum. For a girl who smells every wildflower she comes in contact with and enjoys being nature more than her own bedroom, I took great delight in the day.

I also used this opportunity to practice shooting manual on my Canon Rebel T3i. One of the goals on my summer bucket list was to learn more about photography and slowly over the summer I have been gathering bit and pieces that I figured I should put to use in this beautiful setting.

I initially was so intimidated by manual mode, acting as if I would break the camera if I didn't have the settings right, but once I simply jumped in with it, gave it some extra time, and tinkered around with each feature I fell in love with shooting manual and don't think I will be going back to automatic anytime soon.

So enjoy these unedited, practice shots at the beautiful Minnesota Arboretum. While they aren't perfect and I don't have the technique mastered in its fullest, I am proud of the start I have gotten. If you live in Minnesota or come to visit make a trip to The Arboretum immediately, absolutely gorgeous!

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