The Skies I am Under

I used to think to be a Christian I could only listen to Christian music. Over the years my worldview has greatly changed and well.. I don't necessarily adhere to this anymore. Isn't it seriously thee coolest thing that the Holy Spirit can work through literally anything and everything?

Lately I have been closer to the Lord through secular music in comparison to Christian music because I can draw my own conclusions and have the Holy Spirit work within that rather than being told what I am supposed to be experiencing through explicitly Christian lyrics.

Mumford & Sons continually steal my heart with captivating lyrics that push me to think and digest the goodness of the Lord and this place we are blessed with, albeit temporary.

The song Hopeless Wanderer especially resonates with the season of life I am in. I feel as though I am continually clinging to the Lord asking him to hold on to me tight because I feel like such a wanderer, all over the place searching for a place to call home.

The particular verse I will learn to love the skies I'm under is such a huge conviction for me. Learning to love every season, every transition, every location, every conversation, every time period. Wherever I am at, whoever I am with there will always be a sky over me. Learning to love the moments these different skies provide despite the differences and changes is a beautiful thing truly of the Lord.

What would it look like to be completely content with whatever sky you are under? So at peace with the part of world you are in, knowing God has you there for a reason? How can we learn to love the moments and seasons we are placed in? Let's hear your thoughts on this!

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