The Sunday Seven

Summer has officially enveloped me. Symptoms of this seasonally dependent condition may or may not be limited to an obsessive amount of pictures, lack of blogging or anything technology related, and a sweet Chaco tan line slowly developing on each foot.

While this popular condition rarely has negative side effects for those directly plagued by the summer bug, it has been known to influence those indirectly related to the victim.

To help you cope through this time of me being overtaken I thought I would prescribe The Sunday Seven, used to relieve common symptoms like not knowing what is going on in the life of Laura Jean, wondering why she hasn't been blogging as regularly as she used to, and feeling lost in the shuffle of this condition.
1. The Great Outdoors. Every change of the season I remember how blessed I am to live in a place that fully experiences all four seasons. Even though it is the dead middle of summer with no air conditioning, Minnesota hasn't failed to show me the beauty in this season through kayaking, hiking, running, canoeing, picnicking, and spending a full day at the beach.
2. Acts and Romans. One of the goals on my summer bucket list was to read through Acts and Romans. I am almost done with Acts, slowly but surely digesting it. Wow people, that book has it going on. The courage and ambition the apostles and early disciples had to step out on their faith and trust the resurrection they had experienced and really quite honestly made no sense is remarkable. It sure has been convicting to me.

3. Williams-Sonoma $100 Gift Card Giveaway. Well friends, unless your name is Gina Wildorchild, I have to apologize but you did not win the giveaway. BUT that doesn't mean I am super thankful you entered and maybe even found my blog along the way. Welcome, I am so pumped you are here! Make yourself at home and be on the lookout for another giveaway coming your way in a bit.

4. I love LOVE. Ah, wedding season, going to a small Christian college sure does amplify you. Celebrating special days with so many dear friends has reinforced my deep love for, well, love. Witnessing the genuine interactions of two in love and the commitment they make to one another makes me oh so excited for the wedding of Christ and his bride, the Church.
5. Sioux County Bound. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. One of these days in the next week will officially mark the day I officially move to the Sioux-land of Iowa. Have I started packing? Of course not. So.. whelp.. you know where I will be the next few days. Oh p.s. did I mention I am homeless? Yes unfortunately my lease doesn't start till August 1st but my job starts July 29th. Talk about inconvenient. But hey God will provide. Always has, always will.

6. DIY Project Alert. Oh boy am I beyond looking forward to showing you a huge DIY project I have been working on. It is beautiful. I am in love and it's super easy, super cheap. What could be better? Here is a sneak preview... look forward to a tutorial soon.
7. A Little Incentive. I hope The Sunday Seven has helped you cope with my case of the summer bug but just in case you are feeling a bit down still would 37% off all ad spaces assist in making your day a bit brighter? It would definitely work on me :) Jump on my sponsor page now because only the first five people who use the promo code SUMMERBUG get this hot deal.

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