The Truth About Planning a Wedding

As soon as the title to this post was read, I am sure a multitude of girls flocked to this page to hear the inside secrets and tidbits I have on wedding planning. That's what women tend to be swooning over these days.

Don't believe me? Take one look at a screen shot of Pinterest and I ensure your eyes at least one sight of a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers, a wedding dress marked at thousands of dollars, or at the very least ideas for engagement picture poses.

This post however will not be me sharing my top five secrets to wedding planning, idea boards on bridesmaid dresses, or even giving you inside details into my own wedding. Instead I want to share what has been on my heart lately in this wedding planning season of life I am in.

Growing up in a society that engrosses girls from a very young age in ideas of finding their prince charming and having a romantic wedding of their dreams turns out to be detrimental in the long run when those dreams and reality don't necessarily reconcile as nicely as they are portrayed to.

The past few weeks of being engaged have been wonderfully hard.

I have loved growing closer to the man I am going to marry and anticipating our lives together in the future. What has not been as happy is wedding planning.

See I grew up with this idea, like I am sure many girls do, that weddings simply come together magically and turn out to be everything you could have hoped and imagined.

I have never been one to have a wedding board on Pinterest or someone who has strong ideas and dreams for that perfect day because I believed it would all come together so easily and effortlessly. Now facing the reality of all these decisions and details that run contradictory to the dreams society put in my head is a little a whole lot of intimidating and has been hard for the both of us.

Realizing that even the simplest of ideas will cost thousands of dollars to pull together or the average wedding could buy an entire car saddens me greatly. Plain and simple, this is not what a wedding let alone marriage is supposed to be about.

What matters to me is that Jacob and I bring glory to God through the union that will be made and celebrate this next step in our relationship with those we love dearly.

If the wedding cake doesn't look like a TLC creation, if the music selection isn't dance-able, if the flower girl cries the whole way down the aisle, it really does not matter. Why do we strive for the perfect day when we know full well nothing is perfect? If the Lord's name is brought glory through the testimony of our love then I would consider that a perfect day.

While logistically there will have to be plans made and details figured out, I would much rather spend this time of engagement developing a deeper relationship with God and my man that will last a lifetime than planning grandiose wedding ideas that don't amount to much more than one day.

So there it is, nothing too profound, nothing too exciting rather mixed emotions and a plea for us in this engagement period to seek out and invest our time and resources into what will last rather than what is temporary. Are you with me?

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