Weekend Wrap-Up 4th Style

The classic weekend wrap-up everyone came to expect has taken a hiatus lately since school has been out and my weekends have evaporated into long work hours.

However, I thought the long fourth of July weekend was reason enough to bring a modified version back to you for the time being. Without further ado, the weekend wrap-up 4th of July Style.
5 Favorite Moments
-Having Jake home for the long weekend and spending quality time with both our families.
-Running 3 miles while Jake biked beside me.
-Having the sprinklers go off halfway through the fireworks show, absolutely hilarious to see hundreds of people sprinting down the hill.
-Finding a reception hall we love and coming to final decisions on a date.
-Attempting to watch a movie with Peggy and Jessica and absolutely hating it, I will never hear the end of it.

4 Blessings
-Getting off work earlier than expected.
-Reconnecting with friends whom I've known for a large part of my life.
-Quiet time reading through Acts.
-An able body.

3 Thoughts
-Three weeks from today I start my career at Northwestern.. whoop whoop!
-Did you know wildflowers can hurt big time if you touch them? Maybe I was too naive but ouch my finger is twice it's original size and burns like crazy.
-I am truly blessed.

2 Things You Should Really Look At
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-Rachel Held Evans: Everyone's a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony

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