Meet Kippen

You know those people who you can feel 100% comfortable around, make you laugh constantly, and are so genuine it makes you discover your own sense of worth? Meet Kippen. Strangely awesome name? Yes, but she is this person to me.

I have been thinking a whole lot about who I truly am lately and what that all consists of. There are several people in my life who make me completely comfortable to be just who I am.

Which then makes me think, what is it about other people that changes this? Or what is it about me that switches with people I am not as familiar with? Or how can I be a person that others feel at home around?

This clearly is not rocket science that as individuals we act differently depending on who we are around yet who brings out your truest self? It is so beautiful when you can tell someone is being completely genuine with who they are around you.

Being present, being vulnerable, being attentive, being full of life, being convicting, being accepting, being you and only you... being all these things to others is what I am seeking in relationships so we can bring the truest of ourselves to the table.

Thank you Kippen for being you and allowing me to be me. You are a gem.

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