On My Heart

Have you ever experienced times in which certain things are continually laid on your heart, placed in your mind, or recurring in conversations? There have been several of these ideas in my life lately so I thought I would share them with you and maybe you could join me along in prayer.
1. Trust I'm going to be completely honest with you, I am constantly fighting a battle of trusting others too much with trivial things and not trusting those closest to me enough to be vulnerable and transparent. God has been revealing over and over to me just how foundational trust is not only to loving my neighbor but loving Him.

2. Reconciliation The power that comes from forgiveness and breaching brokenness is so powerful my friends and I have been witnessing it left and right. I have big dreams for a kingdom someday that will be completely reconciled to our Lord Jesus Christ. Mmm that day will be spectacular.

3. Abounding Joy Why not? Why do we choose to complain, sit in pity, get down on ourselves? Why is it so easy to loathe in negativity? Why not abound in joy in all aspects of life? I can promise you I am not being bias whatsoever when I tell you that my fiance is probably one of the happiest guys in the world, ask any of our friends. How can he find joy in everything? How is it so easy to appreciate each and every moment of life? Why don't we try to seek out abounding joy just for today and see where it takes us?

What has been on your heart lately? How can I join you in prayer?

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