Q&A Session

Remember last week when I asked you to submit any and all questions you had for me? What a hit it turned out to be. Thank you to the lovely participants who intentionally put in their questions, I have loved thinking them through and answering them for you.

If you didn't have a chance to submit one or have another please feel free to as a comment in this post or shoot me an email. Now as promised, here is a post with the answers to fulfill your wondering minds.
Q: Have you ever had an embarrassing clothes malfunction? 

Without making any assumptions about good friends anonymously submitting planted questions, I will share one of my most embarrassing but loved stories regarding clothing malfunctions.

At the beginning of last school year I had come back one Saturday morning from grocery shopping. Upon parking and walking across campus with grocery bags in my hand, the skirt I was wearing inconveniently fell to my ankles. Oh what a joy it is to realize that not only is your bottom half completely exposed, but to remedy the situation you have to bend over, put the grocery bags down, pull the skirt back up, and bend over again to pick them back up again... all the while having a group of prospective students slowly approaching behind you. After hurriedly solving the problem and moving on past the sidewalk I was only feet away from safety and comforts of my own dorm when down it went again, still to the curious onlooking guests of campus. And today I am an admissions counselor for some of these very students, God sure does have a sense of humor.

Q: Anything that terrifies you about marriage?

I would say that terrifies is a real strong word and there probably is not anything that conveys that strong of an emotion for me right now about marriage. However I am nervous, curious, and excited all at the same time to learn how to live with a man I care so dearly about but am inevitably different from. It will be interesting to work through those differences and grow together through them and I guess right now that is something that makes me apprehensive and pumped all at the same time.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Phew this is a loaded question with vague answers that may not satisfy. Assuming that most see 'grown up' as the point in which one graduates college and joins the real world, I am to that point and still feel like I have a whole bunch of growing up today. Some of the possibilities I dream of for the future include being a resident director at a small Christian college, going back to school for a masters in social work or a related field, or fulfilling whatever calling the Lord places on my life.

Q: If you did have hair, what style would you want?

Short and sassy always seemed fun, but then again I have always been a fan of long, wavy, and flowing natural look.

Q: Where is one place you would love to road trip to? 

I would love to road trap through the upper west coast.. Idaho, Oregon, and Washington are currently tugging at my heard strings and beckoning my traveling desires.

Q: Moose or bird?

Moose today, bird tomorrow.

Q: As a Christian woman about to be married, what is your stance on the issue of gay marriage?

Great question. This has been a topic of discussion I have been processing a whole lot this past year. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by a whole plethora of healthy opinions across the board and learn in an environment of love from all. I can say that right now I do not feel comfortable saying one way or another where I stand because I quite honestly am unsure. While I am in the middle of this journey of processing the issue as a whole, I have come to a few conclusions however. I believe no matter what stance a fellow Christian takes on this issue, we as the body of Christ are to love fully with no boundaries and let that be the cornerstone of our faith and commitment to our brothers and sisters. I have experienced much pain and emotion surrounding this topic and hope that my words and life can be a testimony to genuine truth and love despite the underlying issues that may prevail. If you would like to discuss this further with me, I would love to chat over email, so feel free to get a hold of me there.

Q: What recipe are you dying to try out? 

I am dying to try a peach bread recipe I have been eyeing. Tomorrow hopefully those dreams will come true and I will share the recipe on my blog if it turns out, fingers crossed.
There you have it friends. As I said leave me any follow up questions or new questions and I will gladly take a crack at those too. Plus, life update for you, this little house of ours has just jumped four decades ahead by joining the internet world. Wahoo for more regular blog posts.

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