Starting Monday Off Right

For years I have heard students and adults alike complain about Mondays which quite honestly I never understood. I love Mondays. I love a fresh start, a new beginning, something different to look forward to, an open week of possibilities.

So since today is Monday, since I've had better weeks than last, since I am a freak for days and change, and since you are reading this post and maybe have a case of the Monday blues, let's choose to rejoice in this day!
How I Start Monday Off Right

1. The Sabbath If you have been following my words for awhile now you know just how important the day before Monday is to me. The Sabbath Day is something I have been committed to cherishing for a bit over a year now and it is truly the biggest reason I feel focused, refreshed, and passionate for the rest of the week. Focusing on simply being instead of doing for one day makes the next six so much more peaceful and intentional.

2. Sleep Well duh Laura, sleep is a given, are the words I see rolling through your mind right now.. you can't hide them. But for real my friends, if you are anything like me I need a good eight hours of sleep every night to tackle the next day full on. But this is especially important at the beginning of my week as it sets the tone for how the rest of the week will follow through. If I start out behind than the whole rest of the week I am caught catching up to my sleep and this is simply not a good combination. 

3. Get Excited As the queen of excitement I likely am preaching to the choir as I encourage you to get excited about what is to come in the day or upcoming week. So often I hear complaints about everything that needs to get done or how much is on one's plate but a lot of times those are things we have voluntarily or readily agreed to doing, so let's get pumped about them and turn these extras into awesome opportunities.

4. Look Ahead While I am all about living in the present and focusing on the given moment looking ahead to my week on Monday always sets the tone. Knowing when things are happening, what meals I am going to eat, who I am spending my time with, what days I am doing what inadvertently allows me extra freedom and brings no last minute surprises. 


What is your favorite day of the week? Are there any Monday lovers out there like me? What is important to starting your week out?

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