The Passionfruit Conundrum

It is safe to say that there are some changes in thee air with the blogging community and my little corner is unfortunately not immune to those.

With the big hype of passionfruit changing their membership requirements and ad spaces I have put a lot of thought into what exactly I want for this blog and where I see it going.

While I have loved my time getting to know other bloggers through swapping buttons, hosting ad spaces and giveaways, and making friends, I have decided it is time to take a break with such matters.

You see blogging for me has never been about the money, popularity, or even making connections while those perks have been wonderful I do admit. However this space from day one was meant to share what is on my heart and shed light and hope to those following along. That has taken on a whole lot of different avenues through heart to heart posts, recipes, DIY tutorials, photographs, you name it.

It simply does not make sense for me at this point in my life to turn blogging into a business while I have a full time job, wedding to plan, student loans to pay off, and most importantly my Lord to serve daily. Therefore at the end of the month I will be done using passionfruit for ad spaces.

I would love to continue with ad swaps but will have to reevaluate how this can best be done in a less time consuming way than HTML coding and all that jazz. So if you are in the same pickle as me and have any grand ideas please do send them this a-way.

Your readership is cherished and I am so looking forward to continuing on in this journey with you to pursuit Christ and his redeeming work in the world.