Summer 2013 Bucket List Results

Oh how quickly the days of endless bliss, waves of sunshine beams, and carefree hearts have faded into the warm and melancholy fall season. While the fall season brings me much delight I can't help but mourn a tiny bit over the fact that summer has disappeared in an instant.

It feels like just yesterday I was dreaming up my Summer 2013 Bucket List and assuming I had all the time in the world for such bold shenanigans I included. As is only fair with bucket lists, I of course did not live up to all that I intended.

But hey what matters is that I had one fantastic summer filled with joy and beauty some of which came from these ideas some of which did not. So here are the results.. happy face for those I completed, eh face for those I partially did, and distraught face for those that didn't happen.
Some of my favorites from this list include...

-Organizing my belongings and life to focus on living more simply.

-Truly experiencing the Lord guide me in the car buying process. After much frustration and confusion literally the perfect car was placed right before me. Praise Him!

-Living with Jessica and doing day to day random things many of which are included on this list.

-Finally exercising and running routinely for the first time since high school.
-Being intentional with prayer and encouraging specific people.

-Living within my means.. creating a budget, biking to work to save gas, having a garage sale.

-Spending so much time outside.
-Reading fabulous books like Love Does and The Glass Castle.

-Learning who I am and staying true to that, not an easy but highly rewarding process.
What were some of the bucket list highlights of your summer? Are you satisfied with all you did? What are you looking forward to about the fall?

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