Choosing Adventure

Today I am trading my miles upon miles upon miles of corn field travelings in for a new adventure. WASHINGTON.

Three flights, 10 hours of traveling, 4 airports later (assuming this last connecting flight goes well) and I will be off wandering the lovely Washington state area.

The airport I am currently at gave me a TSA junior officer badge because he said I gave him trouble, I translate that as he was nice to me because I am bald. Take your guesses.

If that isn't great enough, they also have wooden rocking chair at each gate. Score neato points for Laura especially during a three hour layover.

Even though the travel season for my job is getting really long and I would love to actually be someplace for more than 24 hours, I cannot help but appreciate the wonderful opportunity I have to explore the Lord's creation, meet others who value the mission of Northwestern, and kindle my wandering soul.

I love to see each travel experience as an adventure, some that are so unpredictable, some that go wrong, some that teach me valuable lessons, some that can simply only be called adventures. It helps me keep a positive attitude and enjoy where I am at.

So here is to today's adventure-friendly cowboys, beautiful sunrises about skyline, busy airports, TSA stickers, wooden rocking chairs, and Washington.

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