DIY Dresser Renovation Tutorial

This tutorial has been a long time coming and oh am I just so delighted to share it with you today. It is definitely my favorite project I have done and I've gotten rave reviews from friends and family.

This summer as I was preparing to move, our neighbor was getting rid of an old beat up dresser for free. Well free things and I mesh quite nicely so with my imaginative spirit I dreamed up the possibilities of what this awful looking thing could turn into. 

I combined my love for fabrics and florals to eliminate the need to sand it, as the front of the drawers were incredibly beat up. Painting would just not have done the trick. Once I settled on what I was going to do, it only took about two hours to complete and cost a grand total of $15 for a brand new dresser.

So without further DIY dresser renovation tutorial.
Next you need to make a matching night stand like I did for my room! Let me know if you try this tutorial, I would love to see how your project turned out. 

Also, the answer to Two Truths & a Lie from the other day.. for those who guessed #1 as the lie, you are correct! I did not lose a bet to eat a whole gallon of ice cream in middle school. That would be incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that I am lactose intolerant. Thank you for everyone who participated and guessed.

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