Our "Christian" Lives

Christian music, Christian apparel, Christian books, Christian quotes, Christian movies, Christian coffee, Christian rap, Christian jewelry, Christian this and Christian that. The label Christian can pretty much be applied to anything nowadays and something quite ordinary suddenly becomes glorified by this title. 

While I love the Lord dearly and try to serve his kingdom with my life, I am tired of these labels we use to classify everyday things that are of a higher value because they are 'Christian.' 

I do listen to some Christian music, I do read Christian books, and I do have a Christian t-shirt or two supporting the oh so common social justice organizations.

However I also am a die-hard Mumford & Son's and Bon Iver listener, an avid reader of authors from all different backgrounds, and own clothing from secular stores up the wazoo. Just because everything I do and enjoy doesn't fall under a 'Christian' label, doesn't make me less of a Christian. 

What I have noticed as of lately is that we as Christians are continually making distinctions between our so called spiritual lives and regular lives. We exult the Christian labeled areas of our lives and make excuses or justify the secular interests we have. We do this in the books we read, the music we listen to, and the fair trade coffee we do or don't buy. 

The biggest problem I see with this is that Christianity is boiled down to materialism through these labels. No longer is it about following Christ and his redeeming work in the world but rather the things we buy, the image we create for ourselves, and what we do or don't do. 

In reality, all of creation bears the image of the Lord and brings Him glory. I believe everything is a testimony to God's goodness and delivers power to his name therefore these distinctions shouldn't even really exist in a Christian's life. 

Many things within this world, 'Christian' or not, can deliver spiritual experiences and allow for God to enter our hearts and draw us nearer to him. Let's ditch the labels and the large chasm that exists between our spiritual and regular lives and live a life that follows Christ, not some watered down version of Christianity that is sold via t-shirts and Christian music. 

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