The Kingdom Family

One of my absolute favorite things about the kingdom of God is all the connections within it. Like seriously how cool is it that we have so many brothers and sisters in Christ that share the same faith and passion for serving and loving. It seriously blows my mind if I think about it for any length of time.

This idea has particularly been on my heart within this job as an admissions counselor and especially this week of traveling in Washington. Each week I meet tons of students, alumni, churches, and all around solid people serving the Lord in their corner of the world.

Being thousands of miles away from Northwestern and home this week in a largely foreign place to me, I have been so immensely blessed by random connections. A shameless plug for Northwestern College, I am so proud of how our graduates and supporters remain loyal to our mission and the larger kingdom as a whole.

I have met with three people specifically this week whom I had never had previous contact with before but are randomly connected through friends, Northwestern, or simply the kingdom of God in general. Because of the shared faith and love for the Lord we have instantly connected and grown deep in friendship. How beautiful is that?

The kingdom family seems so wide, so big, so vast sometimes but tonight I am content and filled beyond measure with the close proximity I feel towards my kingdom family and those three who have intentionally chosen to pour into my life when I am far from home.

I am so challenged right now in how to do this for those I encounter in my daily life. Let's work towards a more unified, loving, and sharing kingdom family and demonstrate uninhibited grace wherever we are with whomever we meet.

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