The Stories Behind Them

I love old photographs. It is as simple as that.

Whether they are of people I actually know or complete strangers, I could sift through these gems endlessly.

The photograph itself conveys emotion, setting, and a special peak into another's life. But it's not simply what the photograph shows in the forefront that is so important to me, it is the stories behind them and more often than not that goes unknown to me.

Who is this curious little boy? What was he getting himself into? Who was he looking up at? Where is he now a days? What life has he lived since this picture was taken? What path did this picture take to get into my hands? What joys and struggles has he experienced since this picture was taken?

Or the picture below of the mom and daughter.. is this even a mom and daughter? Where were they trekking to on this frigid looking day? Did a proud father take this picture? What did this relationship look like 10 years later?

There is something pure and beautiful about photographs and what they capture. I am quite content with the unknowing they often bring and allowing my imagination to wander and put the pieces together of the stories behind them.

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